Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting

The Growth Works Training and Consulting Program enables us to share our knowledge, expertise, and highly trained staff with the community. We strive to help healthcare institutions, public safety departments, schools, and other organizations utilize our resources to better serve youth and families.

Why Growth Works?

Growth Works‘ mission is to help individuals and families restore hope, embrace change and improve their lives. Our incredible staff lives out this mission every day in their interactions with clients and community partners. Through training and consulting, we hope to share our decades of extensive experience with organizations, agencies, and in turn, the community at large.

Growth Works has been serving Wayne County for over 50 years. Many members of our staff have been members of the Growth Works family for 10-20 years, and even longer! We have witnessed the evolution treatment over the past 50 years and we have a wealth of experience to share with our community. We believe we have the opportunity to create stronger relationships and a stronger, more informed community as we share our expertise through the Growth Works Training and Consulting Program.

Training and Consulting Topics

Trauma Informed Care

Growth Works’ Trauma Informed Care trainings discuss how trauma affects our brain, and also the pathways and places that trauma is stored in our body. It’s important to identify how trauma affects us individually in order to prepare for future instances that could be traumatic. These trainings will teach you ways to create resiliency to toxic stress and techniques to help you and your team emotionally regulate and connect to your capacity to solve problems. Click here to learn more.

Peer Recovery Coaching

Growth Works’ Peer Recovery Coaching training serves as a roadmap for other organizations who are interested in developing their own Peer Recovery program and provides in-depth information on how we run our Peer Recovery Coaching program. We share what sets Growth Works apart in the industry, including the relationships we build and foster, our methods of pairing clients with Coaches who have similar lived experience, how we work together as a team throughout our organization, and how we advocate for recovery in Wayne County. Click here to learn more.

Parenting Workshop

The Growth Works’ Parenting Workshop teaches parents tips to help them regulate their emotions and several different communication techniques to utilize in a myriad of situations that they may be faced with. This presentation also teaches participants the definition of ACEs, how to identify their own ACEs, past and present trauma, and skills to work through traumatic situations/experiences, and tips to help them to build their resilience skills. Click here to learn more.

Mindfulness Yoga

Talk therapy is great, but what happens if you’re not sure why you’re stressed or you’re all talked out? In Growth Works’ Mindfulness Yoga classes, participants experience a different kind of therapy practiced through movement without the verbal aspect of typical therapy. Our highly skilled yogis create a safe space for participants to work through stress and trauma stored in their bodies that regular yoga doesn’t always address.
Are you struggling to stay focused throughout the day or having trouble calming your mind at night?  Contact us today to find out how Mindfulness Yoga can help!  Click here to learn more. 

Learn from Our Team!

Interested in bringing in the Growth Works team for training and consulting? Contact our Community Relations Director, Laura Reiners.