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What Do You Know About Addiction? True or False


Families, friends and communities are impacted and damaged by the actions of a person suffering from addiction.


Addiction does not discriminate racially, socioeconomically, or otherwise. According to the NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health), 19.7 million Americans struggled with a substance use disorder last year.


No one actively chooses addiction- there are many factors that contribute such as genetics, upbringing, trauma, etc.


Addiction creates change in the brain, hijacking a person’s ‘reward pathway’ and eroding an individual’s self-control and decision making ability. This causes the brain to treat taking drugs as a means of survival similar to eating or drinking water.


Painkillers, sedatives and stimulants are all dangerously addictive among all age groups. Even when prescribed, these drugs can lead to addiction.


No one way works for everyone- there are various avenues to recovery and often a combination unique to the individual is what works best.

Growth Works' Rescue Recovery Program

What is it?

Growth Works Rescue Recovery Program is designed to connect individuals in need to a Peer Coach in order to be a partner in navigating the recovery process.

What is a peer coach?

Peer Coaches can be thought of as ‘resource brokers’ of addiction recovery with lived experience who provide mentorship and guidance to clients in the program for up to one year.

What makes this program different?

Rescue Recovery is unlike other popular recovery programs because it works in conjunction with them. The program is designed to be a collaboration alongside other recovery resources based on the client’s unique situation.

How does it work?

Referrals to our program can come from anywhere- even the individual themselves! Here at Growth Works, we have a strong partnership with the local hospital, St. Mary’s Mercy Livonia, as well as local police departments and district courts affiliated with the Conference of Western Wayne. The doors to Rescue Recovery are open for all!

What Does Recovery Really Mean?

Here at Growth Works, we recognize there are multiple pathways to recovery. Recovery is something that looks different for each person, but it always means a healthier life. Through our Peer Coaching program, we strive to connect our clients with the resources they need to be in the best position for a strong and successful recovery.

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If you would like to be connected with our program, please contact our Canton office at (734) 495-1722.

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