Our Story - 50+ years of Family Support and Counseling

Growth Works has a long, rich history of providing youth and family support and addiction counseling in Wayne County. Initially, Growth Works was founded in 1971 as a youth drop-in center to provide a place for local community children to be active in a safe environment. Providing such a space was an attempt to keep the local children engaged in positive activities, thus reducing the likelihood of substance abuse and delinquency. While the effort was successful, Growth Works’ founders knew that more could be done for youth and family support.

Growth Works Introduces Counseling and Case Management Services

Growth Works began formalizing its counseling programs to address delinquent and chemically dependent youth. Treatments focused on addressing the root causes in chemical dependency and often included parental engagement. Again, the youth and family counseling programs showed great success; however, greater needs began to arise.

Case management services for adjudicated youth became a part of Growth Work’s expanding community support in the 1990’s. Making a name for itself as a premier provider of social services for youth and families, Growth Works again took the initiative to support Wayne County and the surrounding communities in the early 2000’s. Growth Works adopted a full menu of youth and family counseling and support services, maintaining innovative programs to help address growing concerns about substance abuse, chemical dependency, and family issues in the courts.


Growth Works Today

Today, the agency continues to grow and enhance services with a greater family stability emphasis, adult treatment resources, and community-based opportunities for youth. Growth Works, through its long history of service to the community, has emerged a leader in supporting youth and families in Southeast Michigan.

Growth Works strives to be a positive force in the people that it serves throughout the region. One of the keys to Growth Works continued success is its ability to bring organizations and community leaders together to create resources for those in need. Growth Works celebrates its amazing relationships with many partners including Western Wayne County schools, public officials, police departments, and non-profit organizations.

Growth Works has three locations to better serve community needs; in Plymouth, Canton, and Garden City. In addition to providing case management solutions, substance abuse and chemical dependency programs, and family services throughout Wayne County, Growth Works also partners with many other organizations to provide services across the county.

Growth Works annual report and IRS 990 are available on request.

Our Leadership

Nick Griswold — Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Klotz — Chief Operating Officer
Brian Langlois — Operations Director
Laura Reiners — Community Relations Director
Anne Munro — Business Director

David Sculati — President
Paul Opdyke — Vice President
Susan Brown — Secretary
Neal Schultz — Treasurer
Ann O’Flaherty — Board Member
Bill Ventola — Board Member
Bill Weber — Board Member
John Nepiuk — Board Member
John Zech — Board Member
Jordyn Sellek — Board Member
Mike Siegrist — Board Member
Tom Fielder — Board Member