Community Closet

As a leading social service provider serving Wayne County residents, our mission is to restore hope, embrace change and improve the lives of the clients we serve. We recognize that when individuals and families struggle to meet their basic needs, issues of substance use, domestic violence and juvenile justice tend to increase. The Growth Works Community Closet provides essential resources including food, household items, and clothing. By addressing these needs, we believe we will shift their long-term outcomes, as well as those for generations to come.

Growth Works has developed a Community Closet to help provide essential items, such as hygiene products, toys, household items, clothes, and more to families in need for free, and with the support of staff members, community organizations and nonprofits, we have been able to grow the closet to serve individuals and families throughout the year.

In addition to our day to day operation of the closet, Mobile Community Days aims to bring together individuals from diverse organizations to foster a sense of unity, support, and empowerment within our community to serve our most vulnerable populations. We partnered with some amazing organizations to provide a range of onsite services that will benefit attendees in various ways. We believe that these Mobile Community Days provide an essential service to all attendees. It’s an excellent opportunity to build valuable relationships and make a positive impact in our community. We look forward to sharing more Mobile Community dates!