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Juvenile Advisory Council

Our Juvenile Advisory Council had a meeting and a team building event last month and they continue to work on creating opportunities for youth in the juvenile justice system to be successful.  We held our meeting at Five Senses Escape Room in Novi and hands down we all had a blast and competed against each other to solve the starships problems to survive in space. Everyone worked together and solved each problem and made it out alive!! Five Senses is highly recommended. 

Run Drugs Out Of Town

JOIN THE NORTHWEST WAYNE FAN/GROWTH WORKS TEAM!! Be part of the crowd. Be part of the pageantry. Be part of the solution. Saturday, June 17, 2023 8:00 Walk-Up Registration 9:00 Start Time
Fraser High School 34270 Gareld Fraser, MI 48026
Over 2,500 Participants! Register at www. familiesagainstnarcotics.org

Go to familiesagainstnarcotics.org/rundrugsoutoftown to register. When asked if you want to register individually or join a team, choose “join a team,” then choose “GDUBS and NW FAN” from the dropdown menu –THAT’S OUR TEAM!!

For more information please contact Michele.Baldori@gwcares.org

Peer Recovery Coaches at Local High Schools

Growth Works Peer Recovery Coaches, Sarah and Cole, partnered up with Northwest Wayne FAN to share stories of struggle and hope with students at Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

Growth Works and FAN have resources for individuals and families struggling with substance use. We want to ensure community members are familiar with the resources and can easily access them in their time of need. We want to thank our incredible Peer Recovery Coaches and our Partners at Families Against Narcotics for helping bring a message of Hope to those in need.

If you want to learn about Peer Recovery Coaching or would like to request a Peer Recovery Coach to speak to your organization or school, please contact us today!

Juvenile Advisory Council Handbook

The Juvenile Advisory Council (JAC) is a youth engagement program that involves former youth with direct experience in juvenile justice system who have developed initiatives to improve the system for those who are currently in the system or may find themselves engaged in the future.

Members of the Juvenile Advisory Council created a handbook for youth and parents who are in the Wayne County Juvenile system or on the verge of entering it. This handbook can be found on the Growth Works Resource Page.

For more information about the JAC, please contact Sarah Parker at Sarah.Parker@gwcares.org.

Let’s Talk Lecture Series

On March 14-15, the Suicide Prevention Coalition sponsored a seminar especially for school mental health providers like social workers, counselors, psychologists, behavior interventionists, etc. Our audience represented 20 different school districts and local organizations. The Topic? Let’s Talk About It, the Language of Suicide in a K-12 Environment.

Big shout out to Six Feet Over presenters Kate Hardy and Sam McCullough!

Their message about normalizing conversations about suicide was very much appreciated. They taught us that our words matter, and so does our tone when we want to help students feel respected and safe to share their struggles. Many thanks to Laura Condit and Laurie Gustafson from Trinity Health Livonia for sharing their beautiful auditorium.