Growth Works is proud to share that CITx Program Manager Lindsey Manza has been appointed by Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan to the Livonia Youth Commission. We are grateful for the opportunity to help promote academic leadership, citizenship and community involvement through recognition, events, or programs which enhance the quality of life for present and future generations of our community.

The commission takes part in various events and programs, including:

  • Distributing seedlings to Livonia and Clarenceville fourth grade students during Arbor Day week to promote the students’ responsibility to the environment.
  • Purchasing prizes for Livonia Spree Family Day to be passed out to children who participate in events and contests at the Spree.
  • Selecting Spree Memorial Scholarship Award recipients, in conjunction with the Livonia “Spree” Anniversary Committee, for graduating high school seniors. 
  • Awarding Honor Certificates to all graduating high school seniors with a 3.0-grade average encouraging as well as recognizing academically above-average students.
  • Monetary sponsorship of Livonia high schools’ “Senior All Night Graduation Parties” inviting students to complete their graduation ceremonies back at their schools with their classmates.

Thank you, Lindsey, for your service to the Livonia community.