What is the Youth Assistance Program?

Youth Assistance is a community-based program whose mission is to strengthen youth and families and to prevent and decrease delinquency, neglect, and abuse through community involvement. Youth Assistance initiatives are supported by the local courts, local school districts, and local municipalities with the goal of creating highly successful individuals.

Who participates in the Youth Assistance Program?

The Growth Works Youth Assistance Program is available to individuals who reside in Wayne County, between the ages of 11-17 exhibiting at risk behavior. The goal of the program is to reduce the risk of juvenile justice exposure. Clients are referred from the Wayne County Juvenile Court, District Courts and local police agencies. Parents and schools are also encouraged to make referrals.

Growth Works also has the unique ability to treat substance use disorder, clients who meet criteria will be placed in specialized programming to meet their needs.

Where does the Youth Assistance Program take place?

Growth Work’s Youth Assistance Programs take place in our downtown Plymouth office, our Canton office and may include in school sessions as needed.

When is the Youth Assistance Program available?

The Youth Assistance Program takes place in after school programming in the form of group sessions that last approximately 3-6 months.   If deemed appropriate individual therapy and family therapy sessions can occur in addition to group sessions.

Why is the Youth Assistance Program important?

Youth Assistance Programs are critical to help youth recognize their at-risk behavior.  Our staff utilize a strengths-based approach to help the client and family identify and meet their goals.  Thus, decreasing the likelihood of entering the formal Juvenile Justice system. The program helps to address individual needs and provide them with the resources to lead productive and healthy lives.