Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse Treatment

Recovery begins with the desire to change. Growth Works provides our clients with a way out of addiction through a variety of Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse Treatment services. Our treatment programs are geared to assist clients in ending their use of mood altering drugs. Additionally, we also strive to help clients develop a long-term commitment to recovery. Growth Works provides residential substance use treatment through partnerships with Wolverine Human Services (Vassar, MI) and Washtenaw County Drug Court (Ann Arbor, MI).

Find hope with Growth Work’s Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse Treatment.Substance Abuse Treatment

Growth Works programs emphasize self-help, education, individual counseling and group meetings. This approach is consistent with the 12-Step program, which has shown a pathway to recovery for many people suffering from addiction. Most importantly, our chemical and substance abuse treatment programs assist people in discovering and using their abilities to become successful.

Our recovery programs are based on:

  • Abstinence
  • Relapse prevention
  • Problem solving
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • Co-dependency counseling
  • Family counseling

Every person suffering from chemical dependency and substance abuse is different. However, Growth Work’s philosophy is that each person should receive the best possible chemical dependency and substance abuse treatment to help them get past their addiction and regain control of their lives. The length of treatment will vary based on the needs of the client. Additionally, there may be involvement of courts, probation-parole officers, employers and family members in the client’s transition to long-term recovery.

Adult and Adolescent Chemical Dependency Outpatient Program

Growth Works Chemical Dependency Outpatient Programs are designed to assist participants in becoming and maintaining a chemical free lifestyle. Our outpatient program uses group intervention and social support networks to achieve success for our patients. The program is six months in duration. For adolescents, attendance by the parent or guardian in all phases of the evaluation and treatment groups is mandatory. Random drug screens for participants are required for both adult and adolescent programs.

 We don’t just manage symptoms, we address root causes.

Our highly trained counselors, social workers, and professionals assist participants in resolving personal matters that may contribute to chemical dependency and substance abuse treatment challenges. Moreover, we help to address the challenges that are caused or created by chemical dependency and substance abuse.

Growth Works can develop a plan to help you with your chemical dependency struggles. Contact us today to see if our customized treatment plans can help you and your family get the assistance that you need.