Growth Works' Addiction Treatments and Family Services

Growth Works believes that with the right addiction treatments and family care services, people suffering from destructive behaviors can regain control over their lives. Our long history of results demonstrates our determination and resolve in helping people rise above the challenges of substance use and chemical dependencies with proven addiction treatments and recovery care.

family counseling
Family Services

Growth Works Family Services consist of a wide range of resources to facilitate positive interactions between parents and their children.

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treatment group
Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse Treatment

Our treatment programs are geared to assist clients in ending their use of mood altering drugs and develop a long-term commitment to recovery.

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juvenile justice care
Juvenile Justice-Care Management Organization

Our Juvenile Justice Program designs care management programs to foster growth, build critical life skills, and establish accountability for children who have been adjudicated delinquent.

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youth program
Youth Assistance Program

Youth Assistance is a community-based program whose mission is to strengthen youth and families and to prevent and decrease delinquency, neglect, and abuse through community involvement.

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peer counseling
Peer Recovery Coaching

Growth Works’ Peer Recovery Coaches assist clients in identifying and connecting with resources for treatment, recovery work, health care, life skills training, employment, and more.

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