Stay tuned for the launch of the
Growth Works Podcast!


Brian SpitsbergenComing August 2018 – Hosted by Brian Spitsbergen, Director of Community Relations


Here is a sample of some of the topics we will be addressing:


  • First Responders-Are they at risk for trauma and addiction?
  • Why responding to the “moment of Clarity” immediately is so important?
  • Addiction Recovery – the first 30 days
  • The effectiveness of Injectable Extended-Release Naltrexone vs Daily Buprenorphine-Naloxone for Opioid Dependence
  • A patient survives an overdose, but what then?
  • The Social Life of Opioids – New studies strengthen ties between loss, pain and drug use
  • PREVENTION & TREATMENT of Opioid overdose claims the lives of more than 90 people per day. But resources such as toolkits and medication offer hope for its victims
  • For Our Next Generation: Let’s Help to Find A Modern Response To Addiction!


This podcast will be essential for first responders, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals who are living the fight against the opioid crisis. Stay tuned!!