Growth Works' Peer Coaching Program

In 2018, Growth Works began offering peer coaching services to our clients as an additional layer of support in their journey toward recovery. If it is believed that a client would benefit from these services or a client specifically requests these services, s/he will be assigned a Certified Peer Recovery Coach. Certified Peer Recovery Coaches are trained coaches who have personal experience with addiction to drugs and alcohol, as well as recovery, empowering others to make healthier choices. Growth Works’ Peer Recovery Coaches assist clients in identifying and connecting with resources for treatment, recovery work, health care, life skills training, employment, etc.


For many clients, adding a Peer Recovery Coach to complement their ongoing therapeutic work helps to better individualize care, support clients’ specific needs, increase a sense of acceptance and increase a sense of hope. Peer Recovery Coaches may work with clients in individual or peer group settings, and may continue working with the client even after the client completes the therapeutic treatment component of the program.

For more information regarding Growth Works Peer Coaching services, please contact (734) 495-1722.

Rescue Recovery:

Growth Works collaborates with St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia and local public safety departments in Western Wayne County to provide peer recovery coaching services to individuals experiencing overdose and using the hospital emergency department. Using the peer-to-peer support model, coaches work to help these individuals in crisis access treatment, improve social connectedness, improve self-sufficiency and live healthier lives.

As part of the Rescue Recovery program, we:

  • meet individually with clients to introduce recovery concepts and offer encouragement
  • share our personal experiences and strengths
  • educate individuals on overdose prevention and Narcan administration
  • provide recovery resources to individuals and their families


Certified Peer Recovery Coaches stay actively engaged with individuals after this first meeting and connect them to treatment and recovery support services. Coaches maintain contact with the individual for up to one year after the initial visit.


At Growth Works, we understand that everyone can heal with the right help. Contact us today to see if our peer coaching services can help you and your family get the assistance that you need.