What is Peer Recovery Coaching?

Growth Works’ Peer Recovery Coaches assist clients in identifying and connecting with resources for treatment, recovery work, health care, life skills training, employment, and more. The Growth Works’ Peer Recovery Coaching model helps introduce clients to recovery concepts, shares our personal experiences and strengths, educates individuals and community groups on overdose prevention and Narcan administration, and provides recovery resources to individuals, families, and community agencies and organizations.


Who are Peer Recovery Coaches?

Certified Peer Recovery Coaches are trained and State of Michigan Certified coaches who have personal experience with addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as successful recovery from addiction and alcoholism, who help empower others to make healthier choices.

Where does this Peer Recovery Coaching take place?

One of the unique strengths of Peer Recovery Coaching is the flexibility that our coaches have to meet with clients throughout the community. Peer Recovery Coaches may work with clients in individual or peer group settings, helping clients identify needs and resources to improve client likelihood of initiating and sustaining recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

Certified Peer Recovery Coaches engage with and support clients throughout their change process, helping connect them with treatment and recovery support services. Coaches  maintain contact with the individual for as long as the client finds the support helpful and necessary.

When is this Peer Recovery Coaching available?

Growth Works collaborates with St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia and local public safety departments in Western Wayne County to provide peer recovery coaching services to individuals experiencing overdose and using the hospital emergency department. Using the peer-to-peer support model, coaches work to help these individuals in crisis access treatment, improve social connectedness, improve self-sufficiency and live healthier lives.

Peer Recovery Coaching is also available to clients of Growth Works clinical services, and to community members at large.

Why is Peer Recovery Coaching important?

Peer Recovery Coaching is designed to bridge gaps in client care throughout clients’ journey toward wellness, providing individualized care and attention from a uniquely relatable perspective. Peer Recovery Coaches are able to complement therapeutic treatment work to better individualize care, support clients’ specific needs, and increase a sense of hope.

Current clients and DWIHN members can find additional information regarding the Member Handbook and Provider Directory by visiting the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network website.

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