Midnight at the Masquerade

Dive into an enchanting experience for Midnight at the Masquerade! Join us on April 20th for an immersive experience filled with intrigue, elegance and hidden surprises. Unmask the secrets at the Masquerade!

We hope to see you at the Meeting House Grand Ballroom as this venue will transform into a realm of charm, adorned with lavish decor, we will set the stage for an unforgettable masquerade event, where every corner holds a secret waiting to be discovered.

Embrace the night with formal attire, a captivating mask, and rich colors. Think sophistication and intrigue. Elegance is key! Embrace the mystery with your finest masquerade attire. Masks are not just accessories; they are a cloak for your secrets and a key to the night’s enigma.

Delight in captivating performances that blend costumed actors, theatrics, and roles played by guests, creating an atmosphere charged with suspense and excitement.Showcase your style and mystery in the Masked Contest. The most alluring, enigmatic, and creatively crafted masks will be rewarded with prizes that add to the mystique.

Become a detective for the night and participate in the interactive experience. Solve the mystery that unfolds in real time, revealing the secrets of the masquerade.

Join Us & Support Growth Works!

Secure your place at the Midnight Masquerade and let the mystery unfold. Join us for a night where elegance meets intrigue and memories are made in the pursuit of solving the murder.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors; without your generous support, this event would not be possible!