What is the Care Management Organization?

The Care Management Organization under Growth Works is the entity that provides case management services to juveniles who have been placed on probation by the Third Judicial Circuit Court – Family Division in Wayne County.  The Care Management Organization is contracted by the Wayne County Health and Human Services to provide supervision and case management to adjudicated youth placed on probation as part of the broader Wayne County Juvenile Justice System.

Who is eligible for services with the Care Management Organization?

The Western Wayne Care Management Organization provides case management services for adjudicated youth from the seventeen communities in western Wayne County.  At court, each client is assigned to a Care Management Organization based on their zip code of residence at time of adjudication.  The Third Judicial Circuit Court – Family Division can recommend Level 1 probation services for youth ages 10-17 and Level 2 out of home residential placement for youth 12-17.

Where do Care Management Organization services take place?

The Care Management Organization services are provided in our downtown Plymouth location as well as the community where the clients reside.  The Care Management Organization utilizes Probation Case Managers to serve as liaisons connecting adjudicated youth to treatment services in their local communities and to oversee services in residential treatment programs to ensure effective outcomes.  The Probation Case Manager also utilizes the support from the Re-Entry team for additional supervision of clients who are placed within the parental home. Assistance from community partners to provide a path for youth to give back as productive members within their local area via the community team process is a component of the rehabilitative process while a youth is placed on probation.

When is the Care Management Organization available?

Most services take place during normal business hours of 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday.  However, Case Managers make themselves available to clients as needed on a case by case basis.   The Care Management Organization is available to clients 24/7 through the use of the emergency phone for after-hours issues that need to be resolved immediately.

Why is the Care Management Organization important?

The Care Management Organization is an essential element to the Juvenile Justice System for Wayne County as it provides a process to deliver treatment services for adjudicated youth in a manner that focuses on the root cause of a client’s behavior rather than merely the crime that brought them in front of the court.  As part of this process all clients receive a series of assessments to ensure that services are aligned with the client’s and families’ needs and promote their existing strengths.  While placed under the supervision of the Care Management Organization clients will be afforded the ability to access different services that promote accountability, self-efficacy and rehabilitation.

Case Management Organization Data

WWCMO has been a leader in the development of care paths, community teams to address Balanced and Restorative Justice, and residential drug treatment programs. Discover more about our progress through our Data Transparency page.