Growth Works' Family Services

Growth Works knows that a strong family relationship reduces the likelihood of substance abuse or delinquency challenges. As such, we provide a variety of outstanding family services and programs to aid the communities we serve. Our groups of highly trained counselors, social workers, and professionals have designed innovative solutions and family services to address a variety of critical needs.

Family Services

Our Family Services include:

Community Support Programs

The Community Support Program (CSP) is a network of non-profit agencies brought together to assist residents with concerns that affect their quality of life. Low or no cost services are available for senior care, domestic violence, substance abuse, dispute settlement, emergency food and shelter, and individual and family counseling, among others. These family services are offered at the Canton Human Services Center.

School-Based Programs

Growth Works partners with local school systems to provide on-site support services for at-risk students. These programs are developed to meet the unique needs of individual communities and grade levels. Our School-Based Programs aim to improve student academic success. Programs may include interventions such as conflict resolution and anger management sessions, in-school suspension rooms, substance abuse education and violence prevention programs as well as social work services.

Supervised Parenting and Visitation Program

Our Supervised Parenting and Visitation Program allows court-ordered supervised visitation to take place in a supportive and family friendly environment. Trained monitors observe parenting time. Toys and games are available to help build positive relationships. The child is never left alone with the visiting parent, and the monitor assures that rules for interaction are followed.

At Growth Works, we understand that every family has different needs. Contact us today to see if our customized family services can help you and your family get the assistance that you need.