Training and Speaking

After 50 years in the community, Growth Works has become a leading provider for social and clinical services. Now, we want to share our wealth of knowledge with you! Our agency is now offering training and speaking opportunities for outside organizations. From substance abuse and chemical dependency to family services and resources, Growth Works multi-faceted team of therapists, social workers, coaches, and more have years of experience, stemming from both professional and personal understanding.

Sample topics include...


With half a century of creating, implementing, and providing social service programming, Growth Works is here to provide education and advice. Whether you’re looking to develop a new program from the ground up or take an existing program to the next level, our team of industry experts are here to help.

Our team has expertise in program management, leadership and clinical development, behavioral management, crisis response, and much more. Additionally, few team members bring invaluable knowledge from personal experiences with recovery.

Let Growth Works help you create top tier programming for your clients and the community. Contact us today!