What is substance use treatment?

Substance use treatment includes a variety of resources and professionals to meet the needs of individuals struggling with use of mood altering substances.

It is the mission of our Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program to ensure all clients receive appropriate and coordinated care to address Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) along with any Co-occurring Disorders (CODs) whether they relate to mental health diagnoses, trauma and/or criminal behavior.

Who is substance use treatment for?

Growth Works’ Substance Use Treatment program consists of a continuum of care that spans the needs of those questioning if they have an issue with drugs or alcohol to those who feel their use is out of control to those who are practicing recovery but may still benefit from professional support. 

Substance Abuse Treatment

Where does substance use treatment take place?

We provide several outpatient groups in the community for both adolescents and adults dealing with substance abuse issues. Admission to these groups is based on an assessment, during which information is collected to better understand the individual’s strengths and needs. If the individual meets criteria for the program, they may be placed in one of the following groups:

        • Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment (adolescent) meets three times per week and is designed to help clients stabilize behaviors and emotions, build some basic coping skills and begin to create a home environment supportive of recovery. Once this is achieved, the youth can move into the Adolescent Outpatient group.
        • Outpatient Drug Treatment (adolescent and adult) is to support clients in developing a sober, recovery-based lifestyle. Clinicians assist individuals in identifying and managing triggers, expressing feelings in a safe environment, building supportive relationships, understanding family roles and patterns, and developing healthy communication skills. Both adolescent and adult groups meet two times per week.
        • Relapse Prevention (adult) is an important follow-up to Outpatient Treatment. Providing additional support and therapy for individuals who have demonstrated a period of sobriety but are still at risk of relapse and need ongoing services to solidify their recovery. This group meets once per week.
        • Parent Groups are an important part of our adolescent programming. These sessions allow parents to connect with others going through similar circumstances. Topics often include family roles and patterns, communication styles, and the impact of substance use on adolescent growth and development. This group meets once per week.

When is substance use treatment available?

Substance use treatment may be mandated through the court system or individuals may choose to participate on a voluntary basis.

Why is substance use treatment important?

Substance use treatment provides individuals with the education and knowledge to understand the disease concepts of addiction in addition to providing a safe space to build a community as they pursue the journey that is recovery.

Current clients and DWIHN members can find additional information regarding the Member Handbook and Provider Directory by visiting the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network website.

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