Growth Works' Addiction Treatments and Family Services

Growth Works believes that with the right addiction treatments and family care services, people suffering from destructive behaviors can regain control over their lives. Our long history of results demonstrates our determination and resolve in helping people rise above the challenges of substance use and chemical dependencies with proven addiction treatments and recovery care.

Growth Works’ Expertise Includes:

Addiction Treatment and Family Service Experts

Within our areas of expertise, Growth Works continues to design innovative programs to meet the evolving challenges of the communities we serve. Our group of highly trained counselors, social workers, and professionals expertly design addiction treatments that guide adolescents and adults in addressing their personal challenges. In doing so, our caring staff provide a much-needed support network to aid in the healing process. This approach not only helps to reduce chemical dependency and delinquent behaviors, but holistically addresses our patient’s needs.  Growth Works’ addiction treatments and family services reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Our focus on behavioral health, addiction treatments, juvenile justice, and family services allows us to provide exceptional programming to help our patients and clients develop a commitment for recovery.


Our Addiction Treatment offers Inpatient and Outpatient Solutions

Growth Works offers both inpatient and outpatient programs, including residential treatment. Additionally, Growth Works also provides school-based programs and youth counseling. We work with the Wayne County Court System to provide supervised parenting and visitation services, as well as case management for adjudicated youth.

We address individual needs and provide personal support to each of our clients. Contact us today to see if our customized treatment plans can help you and your family get the assistance that you need. (Link to contact page.)